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After many years of ballroom dancing (competing especially in the standard category) and already as a dance teacher he came across the phenomenon called 'Tango Argentino' and became immediately addicted.

For years he was the host and DJ of a milonga (tango dancing event) in Budapest expecting everyone who feel like listening to classical tango music and dancing tango in the candlelight on a Friday evening.

Tamás is the owner of one of the only two Bandoneons in Hungary.

In the spring of 2005 he founded the only authentic hungarian Argentine Tango Orchestra - Orquesta Típica Budapest - where he plays classical tango music as a bandoneonist.

Since 2009 he plays also in another - smaller - tango group: the DiverTango trio.

Webmaster and maintainer of the webpage 'Milonga.hu'

He is the founder and theacher of one of Budapest's biggest dance schools Hölgyválasz Dance Studio, and a well sought for private dance teacher of ballroom dancing and argentine tango



Photo: Norbert NAGY

Name: Tamás RADNAI
Born: Budapest, 20. November 1976
Postal address : 21-23. Irányi street Budapest
E-mail: tamas dot radnai at gmail dot com
Tel. (mobile): +36206636004
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Photo: Zsolt BENDE